Caracol Mayan Temples

Caracol meaning “snail, shell” is the largest known Maya site in Belize, and one of the biggest in the Mayan World. Located in the Chiquibul Forest Reserve in San Ignacio, Belize, Caracol’s enormous central core area covers 15 square miles and is linked together by more than 20 miles of causeways that radiated outward from its epicenter. Over 70 tombs have been excavated and many hieroglyphics texts have been found on stelea, altars, and ball court markers, capstones and wall facades. Caracol is not only the pre-eminent archaeological site in Belize but also exciting for its jungle setting and extensive bird life.

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We at Belize Archaeology Tours are here to guide and educate you on the worlds of the Mayas, discover Ka’Ana the Mayas Sky Temples at  Caracol Archaeological site.

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