Belize ATM Cave

The Archaeological site of Actun Tunichil Muknal better known as the ATM Cave is located in the area known as the Mountain Tapir Reserve near San Ignacio Town, Belize. The ATM cave is several kilometers long with a few chambers containing four skeletons, ceramics and stoneware left behind by the Mayans. The most famous skeleton is of a young maiden, whose bones have been covered by the natural process of the cave, leaving them with a sparkling appearance.

Activities in the ATM cave includes swimming, hiking and exploring gigantic stalactites adorning the cathedral like ceilings. With the combination of natureā€™s beauty and the rich memories left behind, a visit to Actun Tunichil Muknal is an experience guaranteed to leave you with a wonderful experience and a great amount of knowledge about the ancient Mayans that inhabited Belize.

  • Generally leave San Ignacio: 8AM
  • Kids need to be over 40 inches to do this tour
  • Please bring a change of clothes and bottle of water
  • Lunch is provided

We at Belize Archaeology Tours are here to guide and educate you on the worlds of the Mayas, discover why they believe that this very important cave was the entrance to the underworld, Xibalba (place of fear) as they call it during your explore of the Actun Tunichil MuknalĀ Archaeological site.

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