Belize Archaeology Tours is a small family Tour operator business in San Ignacio town, Cayo. Danny is one of the 24 guides who are accepted by the Archaeology Department to Guide the famous Actun Tunichil Muknal (ATM Cave). Vilma (his wife) has been working in the cruise ship industry for almost 4 years. About 4 years ago, they decide to Open a small family business Belize Archaeology Tours (BAT).

Belize Archaeology Tours (BAT) in San Ignacio town offers some of the most amazing adventures in the western part of the country. They offer a limited amount of tours of which your guide has expertly mastered in touring.

xunantunich archaeological site

Tour Belize Archaeological Sites

Belize has hundreds of Archaeological sites covering the entire country and the Institute of Archaeology is responsible for their oversight and management. Many have been excavated and studied with partial restorations and the establishment of visitor facilities. We invite you to explore with us.

From Belize’s many Archaeological sites, we have selected a few to offer as an educational and adventurous tour. These sites include Caves and Rivers as well as the Ruins and Temples. Actun Tunichil Muknal Archaeological Site is widely known as The Belize ATM Cave – Cave of the stone sepulcher or the Crystal Maiden. Caracol Archaeological Site is the largest man made structure in Belize, and has the most excavated temples in the Country. These are known as Sky Temples or “Ka’ana”. Go  Cave Tubing & Zip Lining, a thrilling and relaxing adventure tour, and a great way to explore the rain-forest.

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While touring these Archaeological sites, You need light-weight, comfortable clothing and shoes with a good grip. Long trousers are more suitable than shorts as they give more protection from insects and weather. Most of our tours leave downtown San Ignacio about 7:30AM to 8:00AM and return between 4pm or 5pm. We do our best to provide transportation to hotels and resorts in San Ignacio.

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Guide “Danny” was featured in an article on the back in 2009: The Caves of Cayo: An Inside Look at Belize , Also find us on Trip Advisor